Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Remedy

Voice of the Mountain

by Shawn K. Inlow

tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens
you have unusual changes in mood
or behavior
or thoughts
can increase these in children
and young adults
Cymbalta is not for children under 18
people taking MAOIs
or thyoridizine
or with uncontrolled glaucoma
should not take Cymbalta
taking it with anced
pain relievers
or blood thinners
may increase bleeding risk
severe liver problems
some fatal
were reported
signs include abdominal pain
and yellowing
or eyes
tell your doctor about all your medicines
including those for migrane
and while on Cymbalta
call right away if you have high fever
and stiff muslces
or serious allergic skin reactions 
like blisters
peeling rash
or mouth sores
to address possible life threatening conditions
talk about your alcohol use
liver disease
and before you reduce or stop Cymbalta
may occur
upon standing
ask your doctor about Cymbalta
Imagine you 
With less pain

do not stop taking
Xarelto rivaroxaban
without talking 
to the doctor
who prescribes it for you
stopping may increase your risk
of having
a stroke
get medical help right away if you develop
any signs
or symptoms of 
like unusual bruising
or tingling
you may have a higher risk of 
if you take Xarelto
with aspirin products
or blood thinners
talk to your doctor before taking 
if you currently have abnormal 
Xarelto can cause
which can be serious
and rarely
may lead
you are likely to bruise more easily 
on Xarelto
and it may take longer for 
tell your doctors you are taking Xarelto
before any planned medical
or dental
before starting Xarelto
tell your doctor
about any conditions
such as kidney
or bleeding
Ready to change your routine?


  1. Enjoyed that. When will the Mountain produce an expose on corporate pharmaceutical giants that prey on the sick and dying to maximize profits? Or worse, prey on the healthy to convince them they're sick?

    Any time you place a profit motive on a public interest (such as healthcare or prison), the end result is madness....

  2. What I love about these commercials is how it demonstrates the relationship between the visual and the auditory pathways in our brains. While they are speaking all the really bad things that may happen to you, the screen is filled with peaceful happy images designed to disengage your literal brain. Close your eyes and just listen, and it makes an entirely different impact.

    Obviously this goofiness must be an attempt to limit their legal liability. Do you know if this has ever been used as a defense in court?

    1. RH
      I don't know if this has ever been used as a defense in court. But you get to a big problem in our society, which is not that it's particularly litiginous, but that there is a real fear of litigation. I mean, we pay for every kid who plays soccer around here for coverage above what their families already have when NOBODY has ever made a claim. The game is getting people to pay money to cover their fear.

      With big pharma - well - you first, as Matt suggests up above, have to sell people on the simple fact that they're already sick and don't know it. THEN you swoop in with a pill for that, which has been cleared for sale by the FDA, but that could - you know - cause bleeding. Or. You know. Death. So... disclaimer!

      When I was putting this together I kind of got into a rhythm of the thing. You could most assuredly make an interesting song out of it. I got flashes of the Radiohead piece "Fitter Happier" from the OK Computer album. I really kind of enjoy reading the thing scrolling down one line at a time because uncovering the next line is almost suspenseful or darkly funny.



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