Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Poetry Corner: Dick Cheney

Voice of the Mountain

by Shawn K. Inlow

Good Afternoon.  Today's poetry corner was inspired by my learning that former Vice President Dick Cheney had received a hart transplant.  My first thought was, "Who was the poor bastard who had to die so that that guy could continue living?  And is that guy rolling over in his grave right now?"

You see, I have disagreed with so many things this man has done that I perceive him as an evil man.  That's my perception.  And I sure as hell wouldn't be an organ donor if it was going to keep that guy alive.  So, I know, that's not very Christian of me.  And I wanted - I really wanted - to write a poem called "Change of Heart" that would have imagined how a good man's heart not only kept Dick Cheney alive, but changed the man for the better, infecting him with love.  I imagined what good a man like him might do if he, in an Ebenezer Scrooge-like epiphany, became a force for good in our world.  I wanted to write that poem.  But I couldn't.

Dick Cheney

I am Evil Incarnate.
And I cannot die.
I have mischief to make.
I have more fish to fry.

My name is Dick Cheny.  Even though I grow old,
I've got to live on 'cause God won't take my soul.

My heart is a black thing
That's shriveled and dead
From the things that I've done,
All these thoughts in my head.
I've savaged the land.
I've sent nations to war.
Killed thousands and thousands
To make more.  To make more.

My name is Dick Cheney and Gold's what I need.
I'm mad with the power.  Possessed by the greed.

My body grows old
And I can't take it with me.
When one part wears out
Then my doctors assist me.

They find a young man
Who is ready to die.
Then they pay for his heart
While his kids say goodbye.

Then they bring it to me
While they lay him to rest
So a good heart can beat
In an awful man's chest.

My name is Dick Cheny.  King Maker.  War-Monger.
I can't take it with me, so I've got to live longer. 

So a good man has died
That a villain might live.
Begotten, his heart was
The least he could give.

If he knew his donation
Would save such a man,
I wonder if he'd
Reconsider his plan.

And the Frankenstein Monster
Walks the earth to this day
While his literal saviour
Just rolls in his grave.

                     My name is Dick Cheney.  Even though I grow old,
                           I've got to live on.  Jesus won't take my soul.

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