Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Golden Globes

 Voice of the Mountain

by Shawn K. Inlow

If you are to believe the Hollywood Foreign Press, which hosted its 70th Golden Globe Awards last night on teevee, you should be watching the Showtime series, "Homeland," since it won best teevee drama, best actor (Damian Lewis) and best actress (Claire Danes) last night.

On the big screen you should be rushing out to see "Les Miserables," which won in the musical/comedy category for best picture, best actor (Hugh Jackman) and best supporting actress (Anne Hathaway) and you should not have missed "Argo," which surprised with wins for best (drama) picture and for its director, Ben Affleck.

The HBO movie "Game Change," about the selection of Sarah Palin and her 2008 run for the white house with John McCain, also picked up three globes in the TV movie or mini-series category:  for best film, best supporting actor (Ed Harris) and best actress (Julianne Moore).  Moore, acknowledged host Tina Fey and CBS News anchor Katie Couric, in her remarks.  Fey famously pilloried Palin in skits on Saturday Night Live and Couric nearly demolished the candidate with soft toss questions in a 2008 CBS interview.

Ms. Fey and Amy Poehler were very good as hosts and, as a host should, made for a comfortable and funny evening's proceedings.  The only other real highlight - outside the weirdly trippy Target commercials which I kind of liked - was the heart-felt acceptance speech by Jodie Foster when she was feted for the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Vault has seen most of the films at hand here and have to say that the films that offer the most were the oddballs this season.  Vault loved "Life of Pi" and the quirky "Moonrise Kingdom."  Still the Globes did not even mention my clear pick for best film of the year, the mythic and beautiful "Beasts of the Southern Wild."

Vault will also yield to all the screaming about the newest incarnation of "Les Miserables."  One reader, Gayle from Clearfield, calls it "The opera of our times."  And she's right.  This one had me fair and square wiping at the corners of my eyes no less than four times.  Hathaway as Fantine has a career making performance in a nutshell with her bravura "I Dreamed a Dream," and you'll never look at Hugh Jackman the same again.  Have to say, though, that my favorite song in the film is the revolutionary theme "Red and Black."

Daniel Day Lewis, of course, won best (drama) actor for his towering performance in "Lincoln," which otherwise got shut out.  And don't say we didn't warn you that DDL is on an unstoppable freight train to Oscar gold with his rare performance.

I guess the only other thing of note by way of winners and losers was that the globes thought highly of the HBO comedy series, "Girls," which won for best teevee comedy and its writer and star, Lena Dunham, also won for best actress in the category.

Lastly, Vault would like to remind you, dear reader, that there are many films we miss in the domestic market every year of the highest quality and if you really want to try for something good and outside your normal box try any of these globe nominees for best foreign film:

Amour (Austria) - The 2012 winner of the Golden Palme at Cannes (read: best film on earth this year) has also been nominated for five Oscars.  The film deals with an elderly couple whose love is tested when the man has to become a care-giver for his wife.

A Royal Affair (Denmark) - An 18th century historical drama about the cuckolded King Christian IV and how the Queen's affair transforms the country.

The Intouchables (France) - Based on the true story of an affluent quadriplegic who hires a young Parisian petty criminal to be his caregiver, forming an unexpected life transforming bond.

Kon-Tiki (Norway) - Explorer Thor Heyerdal navigates a fragile balsa raft on a perilous trip thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean.

Rust and Bone (France) - A faded boxer meets a woman who trains whales at a water park.  After a tragic accident, their relationship takes an unexpected turn.

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HOUSEKEEPING:  Many readers have noted that the comment section below has not been functioning.  I've looked into the matter and think I've got that fixed, so please feel free to try the comments below and leave your thoughts on the latest films.  I only ask that you use your real name, or at least initials, and your home town with your comment. 

Thanks for reading the Voice of the Mountain.  Please feel free to pass the link on to others and, until tomorrow, enjoy!

Shawn Inlow
Osceola Mills, Pa.


  1. Jodie is a cutie pie

    1. So What do you think is her best film? "Taxi Driver?" "Contact?" "The Accused?" "Silence of the Lambs?" I really liked "Contact" but I don't know if that was her best role. Maybe "Nell?" "Chinkopeee! Chinko-mao-meee! Gah-ainge-in-a-wiun!"


    2. I put Nell and Silence of the lamb at the top.

  2. Yes, Jodie is a cutie pie, I agree. She's a good actress with volumes of great work throughout the decades.
    All award ceremonies are about what's to be celebrated and about the people who DID whatever they did, in art, science, society, industry etc. and rightly so.
    When Jodie F. announced that she'd make a public statement which she's nervous about, a declaration of sorts, I have to admit that I had my hopes up. Because what better platform with millions watching than this!!! But nope, no such luck. It was again something we all are so familiar with, it was what I call a "Me, me!" statement. Do I really need to know if Jodie Foster is single?
    (I understand that such a speech is also to be entertaining, after all that's what actors are supposed to do)
    But by now, with time running out in 2013, I regret ANY missed opportunity by anyone, esp. a public figure, to take a stand, to show civil courage and yes, civil disobedience, if needed. She could have addressed any of our burning issues, from climate control, exploitation of our natural habitat, sensible gun regulations to gay marriage, rise of greed, loss of neighborliness - anything!
    It may feel like I'm derailing this blog, but even a strong mountain will eventually crumble if we are not respectful of it (or if there's coal or gas to be gotten;). But this is what's truly on my mind. Since only last year I have such a sense of urgency that I cannot shake, thus this off-topic comment.
    However, Shawn, I will look into some of the movies mentioned here and thank you for your in-depth recommendations. (I'm back from Germany and will stop by your blog more often)

    1. Hi Doris. Welcome back from Germany. It's fun to see web hits from places like Germany, England and China. Yep. Someone in China was visiting the mountain for the past few weeks.

      I did a quick Google search on the question of Ms. Foster's sexuality. I'd heard she was a lesbian before but never gave it much thought. The Mountain doesn't care who is snogging who on Blueberry Hill.

      But I found this link that answered some of the now relevant questions you raise:

      You could quickly sense that Ms. Foster was nervous in her speech. And I think this was all she could do to hold it all together and shuffle out of the glass closet sideways in front of everyone. If you look at the video linked above, she appears to me to be scared. And still eloquently keeping it together.

      She didn't come out and announce she's gay. She said she came out years ago and it is an open secret in Hollywood, or so says the article linked above. And since marriage equality is very much in the public mind now, perhaps that's all she could do.

      So, what's her best movie?


    2. Thanks for the link, Shawn.
      But there you have it: That's where she could have taken a stand, pro gay-marriage, pro GL in general. Well, my own impatience is very obvious to me. I have to put it to some service, still not sure where to....
      As to her movies, I would have to watch some of them again to be able to answer your question. And between you and I, I mostly watch foreign movies, and find many pearls there.

    3. DR - If you have any favorites of the foreign cinema, I'd love to have the recommendations.


    4. Below are some of my many favorites, I didn't include American movies because you probably know those. As you will find, I gravitate more toward slowness and darkness(in movies), thus more Scandinavian than Italian movies ;)
      Proceed with caution:
      Buddy - Norway
      Henning Mankell's Wallander - Sweden
      Brick lane - GB
      Criminal Justice - GB
      Allegro - Denmark
      Shanghai Triad - China
      Trial & retribution - GB
      The High cost of living - Canada
      Just like home - Denmark
      Troubled Water - Norway
      Himalaya - France/Tibet
      Black butterflies - South Africa
      The Unbearable Lightness of Being (!!)
      Far North (!!!) - GB
      Indochine - France
      Elling (!) - Norway
      Water - India
      Mother of mine - Sweden
      The way home (!) - South Korea
      Accused (!) - GB
      Farewell my concubine - China
      Four minutes - Germany
      The King of Masks (!) - China
      Vodka Lemon (!!) - Russia
      Lust, Caution (!) - China
      Yellow Asphalt - Israel
      Goodbye Solo -
      Gigante - Latin America
      Kitchen stories (!!) - Norway

    5. Dorella,

      just 11 days away from the day that you missed as one big day of respect to stand up for, respect for the unborn.

      Add the right to life march in the nations capital to your list of travels. You will find a peace missing.


    6. Thank you for your suggestions, Mr. Anonymous.

    7. Notice its Jersey. I have my personal reasons for not registering in one of those profile options.

      Everyone calls me Jersey.


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